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Day trip to Waiheke Island, Auckland NZ

A 45mn ferry ride paradise from Auckland,NZ


Buenos Aires Market

Taking place once a month and in different locations, the Buenos Aires Market is one of the most delightful ways to spend a weekend morning or afternoon in the city. Most recently happening in the Hippodromo de Buenos Aires on May 16th and 17th, the area was filled with local food stands and communal tables adjoining the race tracks. Food truck offerings are delectable, the stands  are filled with fresh produce, and some of the best bakeries in town have their goods beautifully presented to accompany a local San Telmo roasted “Coffee Town” cortado. And who knows.. you may even end up going on a race day, like this Saturday, where you can add ‘watching exhibited high level race horses while stuffing your face with a quinoa burger’ to that list…  -Théa                                    

Buenos Aires Journal: Borges

“Ninguna otra ciudad del mundo grito con más fuerza: Verbalízame!” “No other city in the world shouts with more strength: Verbalize me!” “El primer narrador totalmente centrado en la ciudad, hijo de la urbe que corre por sus venas con palabras, rumores, silencios y orquestraciones de piedra, pavimiento y vidrio,es Jorge Luis Borges.”-Carlos Fuentes “The first narrator completely based on the city, son of the metropolis that runs through his veins with words, rumours, silences, and orquestrations of stone, pavement and glass, is Jorge Luis Borges.” -Carlos Fuentes “Me gusta tanto que no me gusta que le gusta a otras personas: es un amor asi, celoso.”              -Jorge Luis Borges “I love it so much that I dont like it when other people do too: its that kind of love, the jealous kind.”     “Buenos Aires es la exaltación de las cosas insignificantes, pobres o vetustas, que Borges torna fuertemente significantes por medio de primer planos, de la manera de las películas expresionistas: un cartel despintado, una higuera asomando sobre un pared, …

Delhi: Favorite Shops for Textile Lovers

First of all how to go around efficiently? I found the best way to be the tuk tuk (rickshaw), always negotiate the price before you get in. If you have to run around all day and shop a lot a taxi is best (about 20$ a day) although very few drivers understand English and take you to the right place at once. Make sure not to get out from the taxi or the tuk tuk until you are sure that they took you where you wanted to go, the drivers have a tendency to drop you off saying “it’s here” when it is not! The new Delhi metro is great too, depending where you need to go, with a separate compartment for women. If you love textiles and crafts, India is the last heaven on earth.I sometimes think that the entire country should be protected as a UNESCO cultural heritage of man kind. No other country, to my knowledge, has such a tradition of craftsmanship in a large variety of fields. WHERE TO SHOP AND …