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Tables at my house

The pleasure of a beautifully set table is priceless to me, I love ironing the linen, choosing the plates, creating center pieces from what I have at home and don’t think I have inherited all these! All my linens, glasses, plates come from flea markets, estate and garage sales.    

Delhi: Favorite Shops for Textile Lovers

First of all how to go around efficiently? I found the best way to be the tuk tuk (rickshaw), always negotiate the price before you get in. If you have to run around all day and shop a lot a taxi is best (about 20$ a day) although very few drivers understand English and take you to the right place at once. Make sure not to get out from the taxi or the tuk tuk until you are sure that they took you where you wanted to go, the drivers have a tendency to drop you off saying “it’s here” when it is not! The new Delhi metro is great too, depending where you need to go, with a separate compartment for women. If you love textiles and crafts, India is the last heaven on earth.I sometimes think that the entire country should be protected as a UNESCO cultural heritage of man kind. No other country, to my knowledge, has such a tradition of craftsmanship in a large variety of fields. WHERE TO SHOP AND …