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Day trip to Waiheke Island, Auckland NZ

A 45mn ferry ride paradise from Auckland,NZ


Tables at my house

The pleasure of a beautifully set table is priceless to me, I love ironing the linen, choosing the plates, creating center pieces from what I have at home and don’t think I have inherited all these! All my linens, glasses, plates come from flea markets, estate and garage sales.    

The Button Business is a victimless crime

This is an article I wrote for I moved to Minneapolis 9 years ago and have met many fascinating people. However, there is only ONE Button Lady in town. Last Thursday morning with my daughter Nina (assistant photographer) we stopped by Rebecca Lyon and asked her a few questions for Citinerary, only to find out that not a blog article but a documentary could be made about her. 1.How did you start doing what you do? Born in Hopkins (MN), I was living in Arizona with my husband and 2 kids, I was at the time interested in sewing and “wearable art.” I loved buttons and the comic book called ‘Little Dot’. An old family friend told me about a button convention in Minneapolis. I walked in and was overwhelmed, there were buttons that I had never seen. When I overheard a conversation at a dealer’s table – ‘I need a blue elephant button’ – I started laughing and thought these are my kind of people. I went back to Arizona and joined a club (100 …

Collab with ARC

A lot of work goes into these clutches after they are sewn. I can tell you that from what I feel on my shoulders and hands after oiling and waxing 75 clutches for our project with American Refugee Committee (ARC). The rest of the work will be done by the future owner once they start using them. Not only will they have a piece of America (American made) and Africa (African design) in their hands, but their own lives will be inscribed in them. That’s the beauty of vegetable tanned. Ok I’ll stop here!😉